Lifelong New Yorker

John Tabacco is a lifelong New Yorker and proud son of a NYPD Officer. John lives in Staten Island and has three kids.

He has been an on air television expert, commentator, and personality for nearly 20 years.

For over 25 years, Mr Tabacco has been a Wall Street financial technology inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. He was the founder of which changed the paradigm in Securities Finance Technology in US Capital Markets.

Mr. Tabacco is recognized as one of the predominant experts and leading voices on TV in Capital Markets, Trading, and Financial Technology. His unique skill set and regular man style has led to Mr. Tabacco being featured on every Cable News Network.

John has been a regular weekly contributor to CNBC, Fox Business (Varney, Making Money, Bulls and Bears) and Fox News Your World with Neal Cavuto.

John Tabacco has hosted and produced “Table Talk” a 4-part docuseries on Newsmax TV, then went on to create produce and host “Whats the Deal” a weekly Sunday show on Newsmax covering the intersection of politics and the economy. John Tabacco’s “Liquid Lunch” debuted Monday to Friday live on Newsmax beginning in May 2019.

Aside from Television and entertainment, Mr. Tabacco is a frequently invited expert by the House of Representatives, Financial Services Committee, Senate Judiciary and Banking Committees as well as Securities Exchange Commission on matters of National Security and Capital Markets vulnerabilities. During the 2008 financial crisis, he was invited as an expert to assist the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, in its fact finding examination of Chinese Short Selling, and its manipulative effects on the US Capital markets.

John is a registered Republican and was formerly the Vice Chairman of the NY State Reform Party. He received a BS in Finance from St Johns University. John is a father of three children- Victoria, Ava, and John.